Your Life Well Written is magic! The process makes it easy to write about my life—2 pages at a time. It brought back memories that I thought were lost. Karen is a wonderful facilitator. She provides useful resources. Her support and comments about the stories written are encouraging and make me want to continue writing. It works for those of us who think we can’t write.

Dorothy Critcher

When the writing group first got together and made the commitment to write a two-page story each week, I was fearful that the extra stress might be too much for me. My life was in shambles with the recent loss of my husband. Instead, the process has enriched my life. Karen’s sensitive leadership, and the kinship that developed among the participants, has supported the healing process.


Karen is the best teacher ever. I can’t believe she got me to write about myself. She’s amazing!

Sharon Carter

Karen is an outstanding teacher: thoughtful, encouraging, insightful and funny. If you’ve ever thought you might like to record some of your personal history or family lore for future generations, you could not find a better guide to help you discover how to craft your story. And your friends and family will be forever grateful to have a bit of your legacy recorded for posterity. An experience not to be missed!